Tired of Outdated Browsers?

New browsers for download:

They are all the descents of Mosaic. 

 Netscape 7 is back.

Sibling rivalry: Mozilla Firefox

Faster browsers: 
 Opera which is slower than lynx - a text only browser. But it is beating MS

Survey of Linux Web browsers: more ..

New features: 

Tabbed windows:  
    ctrl-t to create tabs under personal-tool bar. 
    enter your favoriate URL and create more tabs while it is
    loading the URL. Click on newly created tabs and load
    another URL. So you may jump between tabs to browse different pages 
    without stacking too many windows on your screen.

    ctrl-PgUp and Down to cycle throu the tabbed windows.

    Press ctrl and click on those links shown on the current page 
    consecutively will download all the pages in the background 
    with tabbed windows. You then use ctrl-PgUp/Down to go thru. 
    all the links that you clicked.
    ctrl-F4 will kill the tabbed window that you are on.

Control 'f':  
    Present you a box in the lower left hand side without blocking your
    browser.  It also allows you to highligh the keywords in yellow.

Keyword short cut:
 Keywords are custom shortcuts to bookmarks. To set a keyword, 
 go to Bookmarks | Manage Bookmarks and select the bookmark 
 you want to set a keyword for. Click Properties and enter 
 your keyword for that bookmark. You will now be able to 
 go to that address by entering its keyword in the address bar.

Type ahead: Without using a mouse, you can jump to a link in the
            the current web page by entering a string.

    * Type several characters to navigate to any link with that text in it
    * If you repeat the same character, it will start to cycle through all 
      the links that begin with that character. However, if it can find a 
      match with the exact string you've typed, such as "oo" in "woods" it 
      will go there first. Typing a third "o" will then cycle through the links.
    * Use the backspace key to undo the last character typed
    * Type a ' or " before your string to search only links. 
      Type / before your string to search all text.
    * To cancel a find, change focus or scroll, press Escape, or wait 
      for the timeout
    * Press Accel+G or F3 to use "find next". Press Accel+Shift+G or 
      Shift+F3 to find previous, with the current string you've typed. This 
      respects the current "linksonly" setting.
    * Works with any Gecko HTML content window - embedded clients, 
      IM conversation window, help, etc.

Google search box: 
    Right hand side corner has a google search box. You can hold on
    control key and click on the links found by google to bring up
    web pages in the backgroun with new 'tabbed window' while browsing
    other links.

One-click search:
         Highlight a word (but not a link) in the browser window and right-click on
         it, and you can start a search for it from whatever search engine you want
         to use. 

Alias: using a short string to jump to your hot web site
       E.g. 't'
       Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarsk -> 'right click on your favoriate web site'
       (e.g.tacpa.org) -> Propertities -> 'enter a string as the key - say t'

       You may now simply enter 't' in the brower at the 'address line' to 
       jump to 'tacpa.org'

Cool tips:
        Enter the following stirng at the blank line where you 
        type for a web page:


        Bookmarks -> Bookmark this page
        Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarsk -> highlight the last link which
                                       is the above URL -> Right click

      You will see a popup window.

        Replace Location's string tO:


          (I.e. replace phone to %s)

        Enter a keyword say: d
        Click on OK then kill the popup window

      Now, you may simply enter: "d phone" under the blank line. 
      It will bring up the dictionary with the explaination of 'phone'. 
      You may do the same for google, with the keyword g. So you can 
      say "g nice vacation location" to search for "nice vacation location".
Text zoom - under 'View' - many web sites have hard code fonts and

                           too small to be read and just couldn't
                           be set by font sizes under IE and Netscape.

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