Speed up a Slow Computer

A computer clogged with junk files and corrupted registry slows you down. Here are some commands or utilities to remove junk files, and clean up registry on your "wintel PC":
  1. CCleaner - click on Download Latest Version on the right hand side
  2. clean.cmd -
  3. Save this file into your favorite folder and name it as clean.cmd. (save it as 'clean.cmd.txt' or 'clean.txt' will not work)
  4. Open "My computer"
  5. Look for your favoriate folder to locate clean.cmd, then click on it - a window will pop up and start removing junk files
  6. Defragment your disk drive in Windows XP - perform this task after removing junk files
To protect your self, backuping up your PC before infected by virus. If your email start sending out virus to others, change your email account's password right away, remove virus, and warn those people that are in your address book via the other email account from a different computer. If you only have one email account, create another one with the other company. Mind you that anything you sent will no longer be secret. Most likly you will discover your own personal email on a search engine such as Google.com one day.

Check out Long Live the Web - by the Tim Berners-Lee who invented World Wide Web.