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All the following mailing lists on this server are managed and owned by TACPA. There is no charge for the users. TACPA, however, preserves the right to remove anyone's email address that is abusing mailing list. TACPA also preserves the right to withdraw the mailing list service at anytime. --- a public mailing list for receiving news and announcements only. The email addresses in this list is an accumulation since 1997 when TACPA was established. The addresses are owned by the users. Any one can request to join or remove form this mailinig list.

1. For reaching out the most people, upload announcements to TACPA website's Events. Mailman will send out "new" announcements on Monday, and Thursday automatically. Because attachments are easy targets for hiding virus and they occupied disk space, all the mailing lists managed by TACPA filter out attachments. However, tools are available for uploading announcement. Note: Due to the increased volume of Chinese hackers, the announcement upload facilities now require a password which is updated rapidly. Recently many companies got hacked. If you have email accounts with yahoo, gmail, etc., be sure to change your password with a hard to cracked string, and install Firefox(the speedy 3.6) or Chrome before launching IE again. Please email for more details.

  • --- closed on 6/5/08

  • - closed - due to many bounced emails rejected by Comcast. Many ISPs provide email services with 'spam' prevention that can be initiated by the users. Apparently, some senders were marked as spammers by Comcast.

  • - for TAA-GWC members only. It was created on 12/19/2007. Closed on 11/22/08 and all the emails in this list were cleaned up.
    Ever since domain name was registerd in 2002, no mailing lists were associated with domain name until 2007. TAA-GWC 2007 BOD updated members' email addresses as much as they could for storing into

    Prior to 2007, web site has very limited disk space and couldn't hold much of information. From 2002 - 2007, web site were maintained by the TAA-GWC BOD on a volunteer basis. When web site contract expired in 2007, the web site was relocated as an add-on domain on top of the main domain owned by TACPA for saving money. Both and were created and were owned by TACPA free of charge in 2007. Note: is now under's new web site hosted by

    As an add-on domain, all the web pages (including all the archived mails) are actually under An add-on domain share the same IP address as a main domain. An IP address is similar to the address of a person's home. It is used in the internet to associate with a domain name. This relieves users from membering the hard to remember IP address. For example, is an add-on domains which have the same IP address ( as This tool may be used for finding out an domain's IP address which would be changed if the domain name owner decides to move to a different Web hosting company. This is like you move to a new house.

    For example: TAA-GWC 2009 BOD decided to move form (where is) to on 08/23/09. Hence,'s IP address ( is different from now. Because is now a main domain, all the mailing lists associated with such as and are now owned, and managed by TAA-GWC. Prior to 08/23/09, all the mailing lists associated with such as and were created and owned by TACPA. As a result, all the archived emails sent to prior to the move can only be accessible using the old IP address ( which points to E.g. This email: "" cannot be opened and must be changed to "" to open.

    Note: TACPA and TAA-GWC owned the mailing lists they created but not the users' email address. Hence TACPA and TAA-GWC have the obligation not to give away any email address unless the users agree. The users are entitled to ask mailing list administrators to remove their email address from the mailing list if desire. Typically, one has to join a mail list in order to post news to that mailing list. To join a mailing lists, one has to follow the policy imposed by the administrators. All the mailing lists have at least one administrator. A mailing list has at least one moderator if it is a moderated mailing list.

    Email Archives - since July, 2007 when established.
    TACPA is offering free sub-domains or very low cost add-on domains web site($15/calendar year) for non-profit TA organizations to promote cultural, educational and social values and preserve the heritage and legacy of the Taiwanese American community. Contact webmaster for details.
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