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Getting to know Taiwan
Anger in Taiwan over 'Chinese Taipei' Olympics moniker
A poll conducted this year by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation found that 80% of respondents described themselves as Taiwanese.

Why Do Foreigners Come to Taiwan? 老外為什麼來台灣?

Free Speech
Whatever its merits, the European position is rooted in its experiences that the free market of ideas can fail—disastrously.

European history has shown this. In an unregulated marketplace of ideas, private citizens need to take up the burden of holding the line against racist extremism.

Taiwan museum makes exhibit images free to download
Taiwan museum has placed 70,000 high-quality electronic images in a free-to-download archive so that online users can enjoy its exhibitions. It also provides a database for users to download information on the history and use of the cultural artefacts.
Trump "Value Voters"
The article, in the Vatican-reviewed journal La Civiltà Cattolica, says some American evangelicals and Catholics have become a "community of combatants" who seek to impose a "xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations."

The authors accuse chief White House strategist Steve Bannon of supporting "an apocalyptic geopolitics" based on misguided theopolitical thinking that centers on state submission to the Bible, an idea "that is no different from the one that inspires Islamic fundamentalism."

Hit on 1st Lady
President Donald Trump’s history of misogyny is no secret. Everyone from his beauty pageant contestants to his own baby daughter has been subjected to his unsavory gaze. Just last month, the commander in chief made creepy overtures to an Irish reporter—in the Oval Office, in front of other journalists. The man has absolutely no shame.
A dark new conservatism
If Republicans do not wish to repeat the mistakes of the German conservatives of the 1930s, they had better find their courage – and their conservatism – fast
UN tours open to terror and thug states - but not Taiwan
The United Nations calls itself a world body. It offers splendid tours of its New York headquarters, for $22, to visitors and tourists who come from every country around the globe. Every country, that is, except Taiwan, whose citizens are not welcome.
Beijing focus on Taiwan’s weakness may backfire
President Tsai, also warned that China’s actions were counterproductive. “Coercion and threats,” she said, will not bring the two sides together. Instead, they will drive our two peoples apart.”
Taiwan: How China is "poaching" the island's diplomatic allies By Kevin Ponniah
Taiwan has long used development aid and assistance to keep its handful of diplomatic partners onside but its giant mainland neighbour is now an economic superpower. The island's allies are being picked off by China in what Taiwan derisively calls a "diplomatic money game"
Taiwan Lays Plans for $59 Billion in Renewable-Energy Finance
New energy, meet new finance. That’s the thinking of Taiwan’s government, which is starting to map out funding plans for a power system that can no longer rely on nuclear reactors.
Amazon, Reddit, Etsy plan to protest for net neutrality
The plan is modeled after online protests like 2014's Internet Slowdown Day, which saw Netflix (NFLX, Tech30), Reddit and others display a long "loading" symbol on their websites to promote net neutrality. The goal was to highlight the risks of giving Internet providers too much power and direct visitors to take action.
In documenting Taiwan, filmmaker makes ultimate sacrifice
"That wasn't the only time...fortunately, we were always able to pull off a narrow escape. But no matter how many times this has occurred, I am still frightened when it does. I never dare tell my family these things because I am afraid they would worry."
Taiwan lawmakers launch support group for Hong Kong democracy
High-profile Hong Kong pro-democracy activists and lawmakers, including Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, also attended the launch.

Law described Taiwan as an "ally".

"We need to be united and share our experiences more as we are faced with suppression," Wong added.

Here comes Apple Taipei 101, our first store in Taiwan! 有閒來坐!
"To celebrate the opening, we invite Taiwanese paper-cut artist Yang Shiyi, the same tree as the main body of the visual, creating a huge paper-cut works, showing the joy of this together, welcome everyone can have leisure to sit."
Emirates tells cabin crew to swap Taiwanese flag pins
“You must remove the Taiwanese flag from your service waistcoat and replace it with the Chinese flag,” Nicola Parker, a uniform standards and development manager at Emirates, wrote in an email, which was leaked to the South China Morning Post.

“All cabin crew are no longer required to wear a flag pin as part of their uniform. Emirates apologises for the communication error.” But a second email sent by Parker still singled out Taiwanese staff.

James Joyce-like novel about Japanese genocide of Taiwan tribes
This is an avowedly experi­mental novel that revolves around one dreadful event. On October 27, 1930, at a sports meeting at Musha Elementary School, on an aboriginal reservation in the mountains of Taiwan, a bloody uprising took place against the Japanese.
Taiwan demands answers on Chinese arrest of rights activist
Mr Lee was initially arrested after he crossed into China from Macau in order to gain information about medical care for his mother-in-law. His wife, Lee Ching-yu, was barred from travelling to China and later took her campaign to the United States.
Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Gives Asian Neighbors Hope
A few years ago, when we were advocating for same-sex marriage in Vietnam, one of the arguments against it was [that] it is not an Asian value, and there is no other country in Asia doing it … Well, now this does not stand anymore.”
What should you do if you witness a racist or Islamophobic tirade?
It's an instinct that comes naturally to good Samaritans: When you see one stranger attacking another with racist or religious epithets, you try to protect the victim.

But when two men did exactly that on a Portland train, they were stabbed to death. Micah Fletcher, the man who survived the Portland commuter train knife attack, went on social media Wednesday to say people are worrying about the wrong victim.
"Micah is one of the best genuine hearted people you will ever meet my daughter was so happy but very emotional Micah is one of a kind and a very strong young man that comes from two beautiful parents that we also had the pleasure of meeting today," Hudson wrote.

America has a long history of treating immigrants like ‘human garbage’
To my Jewish, Irish, Asian and Italian friends, let's remember:
Your ancestors were lower than dirt when they arrived here.
Italians were referred to – openly – as a subhuman race of rats and criminals.
Irishmen were apes and monkeys. An Italian with the features of a monkey shines the shoes of a dandy. Southern Italians in particular were looked down upon for being "not quite white."

If so, I hope this hits close enough to home so as to awaken you from your contented slumber.

Congress Tightened Immigration Laws 100 Years Ago. Here’s Who They Turned Away

From Heavy Metal Frontman to Taiwan’s Parliament
According to a 2016 survey by the Election Study Center at National Chengchi University in Taipei, over 58 percent of people now identify as Taiwanese, up from 17.6 percent in 1992.
There is another item at the top of his political agenda: gaining greater international recognition for Taiwan.

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