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Getting to know Taiwan
Taiwan Tells China Don't Use 'Black Box' Hearing Against Detained Activist
His wife, Li Ching-yu, was barred from traveling to China last month, but this month went to Washington to appeal to the U.S. Congress for President Donald Trump to press Beijing to free activists and end torture.
From Heavy Metal Frontman to Taiwan’s Parliament
According to a 2016 survey by the Election Study Center at National Chengchi University in Taipei, over 58 percent of people now identify as Taiwanese, up from 17.6 percent in 1992.
There is another item at the top of his political agenda: gaining greater international recognition for Taiwan.
"We can't hide behind a wall."

One of a kind

Taiwan receives highest inflows in Asia
Taiwan is Asia’s biggest destination for foreign inflows in 2017 so far. As per Bloomberg reports, Taiwan’s equity markets have received $7.3 billion through the year,
Taiwan says yes!
In historic decision, top court rules in of same-sex marriage.

1st place in Asia

Second Chance, WHO cares, TAIWAN cares
“Second Chance,” the video was inspired by the true story of a girl who was brought to Taiwan at 13 months old to receive a liver transplant. Suffering from a potentially fatal ailment, the little girl was given a second chance at life through the successful operation carried out by a Taiwan medical team.

Taiwan to attend WHO summit without an invitation

China Pushes Taiwan Relations To A New Low With Sporting Event Boycott
China doesn’t call it a boycott, but what else can it be? Chinese athletes will sit out group sports at the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade in August, the Taiwan government’s Mainland Affairs Council said Thursday.
Perfect Weekend: Explore lesser-travelled Tainan, Taiwan's oldest city
I am awestruck by the opulence of the Chimei Museum, which bears an uncanny semblance to the Roman Pantheon and even sports a replica of the Fountain of Apollo in the Palace of Versailles. The 40ha three-storey chalk-white building is what I call a "bao ka liao" (Hokkien for all-encompassing) museum.
"It was disgusting, so inappropriate, and so disrespectful."
China Bullied Australia Into Ejecting Taiwan: Next Time Show China The Door
Trump is delaying an arms deal to Taiwan as a gift to China
His plan to win over China on North Korea: concede, concede, concede.
Kushner Family Stands to Gain From Visa Rules in Trump’s First Major Law
It was the first major piece of legislation that President Trump signed into law, and buried on Page 734 was one sentence that brought a potential benefit to the president’s extended family: renewal of a program offering permanent residence in the United States to affluent foreigners investing money in real estate projects here.
In fact, Kushner Companies — when Mr. Kushner was still at the helm — had received $50 million in EB-5 financing for a separate New Jersey project, a Trump-branded luxury high-rise tower in Jersey City that opened late last year.
Czech Republic, Taiwan & Poland Are the Top 3 Emerging Markets
At rank 21, Taiwan (EWT) too scored well on the ESG indicators, having scored particularly high on the governance indicators such as political stability, corruption, and competitiveness.
China brazenly arrests a Taiwanese activist — and the Trump administration says nothing
Those fears were warranted because Taiwan barely figured in the two-day summit’s agenda. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson specifically mentioned that human rights were not a topic of discussion during his briefing. He claimed that human rights are “embedded in every discussion,” but this merely serves as a sign to China that human rights are not a critical part of the Trump administration’s agenda.

Lee’s detention in China is just one example of what is to come if the Trump administration does not change how it thinks about human rights discussions.

Reporters Without Borders Picks Taiwan for Asian Bureau
Taiwan began its democratic transformation in the 1990s and is now ranked 51st globally for press freedom by Reporters Without Borders. Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese city, is ranked 69th and China 176th.
American photographer captures 5-month journey in Taiwan
Taemin Kim, a 26-year-old Korean American born and raised in Florida, posted a video titled "Taiwan Adventures" documenting his experiences hiking, biking, swimming, diving, and hip-hop dancing around the island on the social media site Reddit.
America has a long history of treating immigrants like ‘human garbage’
To my Jewish, Irish, Asian and Italian friends, let's remember:
Your ancestors were lower than dirt when they arrived here.
Italians were referred to – openly – as a subhuman race of rats and criminals.
Irishmen were apes and monkeys. An Italian with the features of a monkey shines the shoes of a dandy. Southern Italians in particular were looked down upon for being "not quite white."

If so, I hope this hits close enough to home so as to awaken you from your contented slumber.

Congress Tightened Immigration Laws 100 Years Ago. Here’s Who They Turned Away

'One-China policy' must not dilute Taiwan’s independence
Taiwan is not Chinese. The willingness of President Trump to discuss these issues is welcome.

Unfortunately, he has also indicated that he might do a deal with China, suggesting that Taiwan might be part of that deal. As the above analysis shows, Taiwan should not — and cannot — be part of any deal with China.

"Universal Values"
John McCain blasts Trump in Munich speech
"I am a proud, unapologetic believer in the West, and I believe we must always, always stand up for it. For if we do not, who will?"
Taiwan culls 150,000 poultry following bird flu outbreak across island
At least nine farms around Taiwan were confirmed as having been infected with the H5N6 virus since February 6,
Dealing with Taiwan's nightmares past and present
According to Rowen, the TRC “signals a departure from Taiwan’s authoritarian past and draws a distinction from China’s authoritarian present, while demonstrating adherence to international norms of human rights, democracy and self-determination.” "The whole town is mobilised."
As Taiwan lights up for the start of its annual lantern festival this weekend, one eco-friendly craftsman is breaking with tradition.
Grab your Wallet
Protest Trump with your wallet! If you’re looking for a way to voice your disgust of Donald Trump, consider joining the huge number of anti-Trump protesters who are now boycotting businesses who sell Trump products.
Taiwan bans euthanasia of stray animals
Taiwan has banned euthanising animals in shelters, which follows the tragic suicide last year of a vet burdened with the task of putting down animals.
Civic engagement in wake of Trump's executive orders
"Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake,"
Responses from the Leaders

Thousands join protests across UK

Taiwan to establish its first dental hospital
The project is part of the ministry's five-year "oral health promotion plan" that starts this year following approval by the National Development Council on Jan. 9.
Beijing wants to crush youth activists in Taiwan and Hong Kong trying to band together
For years, open thuggery by people allegedly linked to organized crime and the Communist Party have been near commonplace during protests in Hong Kong.
Taiwan’s President Takes a ‘Walk on the International Stage’
“President Tsai has to be very careful,” says Professor Rana Mitter, a China specialist at Oxford University. “[Trump] has never talked about democracy or taking liberal American values around the world. He’s only ever talked about putting America first.”
‘Barbaric, rough and violent political manipulation’
“The foreign ministry protests and condemns Nigeria for collaborating with China’s political goal to engage in unreasonable, barbaric, rough and violent political manipulation,” Taiwan’s foreign ministry said in a statement.
The Taiwan Travel Act
The Taiwan Travel Act was initiated by Rep. Steve Chabot with co-sponsorship from Ed Royce and Brad Sherman, ahead of a transit stop in San Francisco by President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on her way back to Taiwan after a visit to Central America.
Why Did Taiwan President Meet with Influential Texas Lawmakers?
“So we’re talking about billions and billions of dollars in bilateral trade,” he added, “and I think that’s very important for individual states to try and work with Taiwan… and for Taiwan it’s very important. It’s difficult for them to increase the bilateral relationship as much as they want with the United States, but individual states can do that very reasonably and very effectively.”
Taiwan Leader Heads to Americas; US Stops Set to Irk China
President Tsai Ing-wen pledged to bolster Taiwan's international profile as she set off on a trip to reinforce relations with diplomatic allies in Central America, a task that has taken on new urgency as Beijing ramps up efforts to diplomatically isolate Taipei.
HK activist Joshua Wong under police protection after failed assault in Taiwan: Reports
The two-day event aimed at linking democracy movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan provoked a hostile reception from pro-unification groups on the island over what they see as a joint independence movement
Thirsty at Trump's DC hotel bar? Get ready for a yuge bill
To drink at Donald Trump's DC hotel lobby bar, The Benjamin, having the President-elect's wallet would be helpful.
The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese
President Obama reiterated the nation’s long-term commitment to the One China policy.
Taiwan’s President Accuses China of Renewed Intimidation
“Step by step, Beijing is going back to the old path of dividing, coercing and even threatening and intimidating Taiwan,” she told journalists in Taipei, the capital, at a year-end news conference.
China Lodges Complaint Over Taiwan’s Place In U.S. Defense Bill
China has lodged “stern representations” with the United States after President Barack Obama signed into law a U.S. defense policy bill that suggests a plan to conduct high-level military exchanges with self-ruled Taiwan.

Part of the $618.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act “expresses the sense of Congress that (the U.S. Department of Defense) should conduct a program of senior military exchanges between the United States and Taiwan”.

Taiwan a step closer to legalising same-sex marriage
Taiwan's parliament on Monday passed the first draft of a controversial marriage equality bill, moving the island a step closer to becoming the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex nuptials.
Taiwan opens headquarters for ambitious 'Asia Silicon Valley' plan
The major tasks of the "Executive Center for the Asian Silicon Valley Plan" in Taoyuan will be to promote the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovation industries, boost Taiwan's economic development by integrating relevant local and international sectors, and push Taiwan's industrial transformation, said Chen while addressing the inauguration ceremony.
A new law in Taiwan is requiring workers take 2 days off a week
“When I go back to work Monday, I’m not happy about it, but at least I’m not tired,” says Ms. Chen.
Taiwan to get first dibs on ASUS' Zenbo home robot
Taiwan to get first dibs on ASUS' Zenbo ggest news today is perhaps ASUS' collaboration with Taiwan's National Police Agency, in order to enable emergency video calls with the police via Zenbo
Taiwan is trending, and L.A.'s Taiwanese community has mixed feelings about it
Everyone says, don't aggravate China. But no one ever thinks, is this fair for Taiwan?
Taiwan is a country with history and people
Trump's controversial phone call is a chance for us to talk about Taiwan for Taiwan's sake.

The Dynamics in Taiwan
Why Did Tsai Place the Call? Unable to break from its nationalistic rhetoric, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has painted itself into a corner regarding the situation with Taiwan, making it difficult to recalibrate its policies in a way that better reflects current realities as doing so would constitute an admission of defeat that Party officials are unwilling to face. Thus, despite Tsai's early overtures to China, Beijing's response has been to narrow Taiwan's international space, blocking Taiwan's ability to participate in international organizations despite strong U.S. lobbying on its behalf.
Professor predicted Trump win, says he will be impeached
"First of all, throughout his life he has played fast and loose with the law," Lichtman said. "He has run an illegal charity in New York state. He has made an illegal campaign contribution through that charity. He has used the charity to settle personal business debts. He faces a RICO lawsuit."
Taiwan Stepping Up Their Game With Taiwan Startup Stadium
At home we still do a lot of training, all on Go Global knowledge and know-how. We also build our networks globally. For example, we now work with the top 15 accelerators in the world and refer high-quality teams for their batches.
Say Hello to Taiwan
At this moment—and for many moments to come—current trends suggest that Chinese power, having already reached its highpoint, will diminish. Meanwhile, Taiwan and its friends are becoming more powerful together. Soon enough, realists like Mearsheimer may have to say “hello” to Taiwan.
Tourism as a Territorial Strategy and Elections!
Tourism has been increasingly lauded as a driver for the Taiwanese economy. Recently, 10,000 people protested in Taipei due to the drop in the number of tourists from China. However, is tourism really a mainstay or future of the Taiwanese economy? Are there greater concerns than just the economy? Join us as Ian Rowen shares his research on the impact of tourism on Taiwan.
UN Aviation Agency Rejects Taiwan: Here's Why It Matters
A role in ICAO "is first and foremost about Taiwan becoming an equal party in discussions and negotiations with other countries," says Coen Blaauw, executive director of the Washington-based Taiwan advocacy group Formosan Association for Public Affairs. "Taiwan needs to be on the inside, not standing on the outside waiting for a handout."

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